"breathe in the beauty of kai, and experience the light and
                 soothing scent of today's most sought-after fragrance."

beauty lies in the simplest and purest of things. kai brings this idea to life by using exotic fragrance and natural essences in our light and intoxicating scent of gardenia wrapped in white exotics. kai captures the irresistible fragrance of the tropics in a full line of fragrance, bath, body and home care products. breathe in the beauty of kai, and experience today's most sought-after fragrance.

"as a child my family would spend summers in hawaii... there’s nothing like the scent of exotic flowers; plumeria, pikake, gardenia and jasmine seemed to grow everywhere. every time i smell one of those flowers i’m instantly back on the islands surrounded by loved ones."

~ kai founder, gaye straza (elle, january 2012)

kai is pleased to announce the launch of its highly anticipated second scent, kai rose.

"in creating kai rose, i set out to bring something familiar and lovely, rose, to the market in a completely unexpected way. we wrapped it in white exotic flowers found in our original kai, so it would never be mistaken for your mom’s rose. though tipped on its head, the true essence of rose absolute is a given; the green that embodies it is a complete surprise!"

~ kai founder, gaye straza

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